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Post by ChojiTiger on Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:01 pm

In game name: Yunie
Age: 38
Where are you from: USA
Average time online per day:  6 hours
How long have you played Shaiya: I have played shaiya for over 8 years.  I was Originally play the Original shaiya version 3.  I was in 15pvp. My archer name was TigerBlast on Etain.  Took over 10 Darkies just to kill me during those days.  Than Later I became an officer for Tainted Angels & Pandora Box, than I created my own guild called Pain Squad Killers and we were ranked in the top 17.  
How long have you played Athens:  I have yet to play on Athena, Cant wait until it becomes available.
Languages spoke and proficiency: Of Course English,  Vietnamese and Chinese
What is your experience with Shaiya:  I have played Shaiya for many years.  I have also played on many PServers. from Evo, Haven, Chaos and OS
Why do you think you would make a good addition to our wonderful team:  I am usually the first person to any questions when people asking TC.  I have know where all the Mobs are located at and know what items drop where, I also help people on what they should link and what not to link in their gears. I have also helped Many new people to the game, by explaining how to link the gears, enhancing the gear and weapon, and Modes builds for each classes and the advantage and disadvantages. I have also lvled up many people and not asking for any payment.
Anything you would like us to know or take into consideration:
Skype:  GokuTiger1


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