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Gs application if needed Empty Gs application if needed

Post by Kayne on Sun Oct 13, 2013 9:29 am

In game name:Kayne

1-Age: 19 years

2-Where are you from: im from Palestine Territory ,Bethlehem

3-Average time online per day: 12-13 hrs in normal days 18-19 hours on weekends.

4-How long have you played Shaiya: i've been playin shaiya since the open beta of ep3 which is nearly 7 years now .

5-How long have you played Athens: As long as server is new and opening anytime this week, i can say i haven't played it at all but i'm such a pvp addict.

6-Languages spoke and proficiency: i know three languages which i speak fluently arabic,english,italian.

7-What is your experience with Shaiya: if u mean ingame experience then i know every singel detail,glitch ,exploits can be done inside game, and if u mean with shaiya as in totall i know how to summon mobs /take em out in conclusion i have been a GM / GMA/ GS in many servers .

8-Why do you think you would make a good addition to our wonderful team: i am helpfull , friendly, active, non shit talkin player, and im always in the right mood , besides that this game has been a huge part of my life as ive been playing it for several years ( 7 years to be specific) so ill be greatfull to help you guys out and help the counitee of shaiya.

9-Anything you would like us to know or take into consideration: i have experience in many sorts of stuff in shaiya and i was one of the first 10 people who got lvled up to 60 on OS lailah server named Kayne/Eli u can look it up at aerea forums . and was a GS at OS Lailah server/ GMA at Diablo shaiya/ GM at eternity

10-Skype: elias.hazboun95

I hope that u have a great time once server is up and hope to see u all ingame :0
With love Kayne


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