Angry Brides Quest

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Angry Brides Quest

Post by Misa on Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:25 am

this post was originally posted by [GS]Auraya on imagination forums

here is step by step the solution of the quest 

ist of all you need to access the Weeding chapel by using these gate keeper who are located in front of the blacksmith in Boot

then once you are in you just need to jump down and take the quest from the Best man :

allright till then you got it ? next step :
you will head to the oasis in the Deep Desert and kill these liltle mermaid but pay attention if you go alone the Queen of the oasis in the middle got a Deadly Breath  

if you took time to read the quest .. you need to kill them until you drop the lost weeding ring once you have it you return to the best man and validate the quest once this is done you should have a new quest from the Groom right beside the best man this quest will ask you to talk to the BridesMaid wich you can easly find by walking down the path : 

now for the next part the gear gathering part the bridesmaid will give you 5 quest all togeter 1 after another wich will request you to get these 5 token : -Armor Token -Gaunt Token -Boots Token - Pants Token and Helm Token 

now where you ask ? here the funny part thaks to Teddy and his evilness  : 

you will need to take these portal the the lost love dungeon ( these gate keeper are right beside the bridesmaid ) 

once inside the dungeon you cant get lost as there is only 1 path that will lead you near the Mistress 

these Misstress are tricky 1st .. all the dungeon is a pvp map wich mean not only the mob will cause you problem but the other faction as well :O and secondly.. only 2 of them are real ALL other drop NOTHING at all the trick is to find the 2 real one and to kill them to get wathever the Armor Token OR the Pants Token

now...wait i know got a quest that ask for Glove Token/Boots Token/Helm Token

yes.. these 3 can be get by the Angry Brides HERSELF wich stand a liltle bit deeper in the Misstress Room : 

you WILL need a good party to bring her down but each time you manage it she drop all 3 token 

every time you got a token you need to validate the quest to the bridesmaid near the gatekeeper for the dungeon but to validate the quest you ALSO need to have killed the monster that drop it wich mean you cant only buy the token to a player and get the gear ^^ it wont make it you may buy it.. but you will need to find and kill the monster to finish the quest 

you can directly go back to the weeding chapel by using the blue portal at the other end of the dungeon ( near the entrace) 

hope it help you all to get the new gear set
and we wish you good time doing it

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Re: Angry Brides Quest

Post by Syn on Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:36 am

:O now can i marry tiff Very Happy


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