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Post by Kit_69 on Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:45 pm

This is a basic guide to stats as of what they do with a bit of math thrown in.
I hope this is helpful to everyone. (most people know stats, yet not the actual numbers that go into them.)

I hope some people find this useful and if there is mistakes please point them out and I will look into them.

Part 1: STR - Strength

Str is what increases your attack power.
This is used to increase your melee damage.
(The more strength you have, the harder you will hit)
Melee attack – 1 str = 1.3 attack increase
Ranged attack – 1 str = 1 shooting attack power increase
This stat is recommended for melee and shooting class(s) and is not recommended for the casting classes.

Part 2: REC - Reaction or Recovery

Rec is what increases your general defense and increases overall health.
This stat will make you harder to kill as well as taking longer to kill you.
1 rec = defense increase by 1
1 rec = +5 health
Rec is recommended on tank classes, healing, and casting.
Although it isn’t bad to put on any other class, I will explain more about it below for classes.

Part 3: INT - Intelligence

Int is like str for casting classes.
Int increases your magic attack power.
1 int = increase in magic attack power by 1.3
It’s highly recommended for casting classes depending on your style of play.
It’s not recommended for any other class.

Part 4: WIS – Wisdom

Wis works like dex but for casters and instead of increasing sp it increases mp.
It increases your magic attack power slightly, increases your mp, healing rate (see below), magical defense, and magical hit rate. (you will have a successful hit more often with magic attacks with the more wis you have. Just like dex for melee classes.)
Wis is recommended to all casting classes and tanks.
Wis is not recommended to any other class.
5 wis = increase in magic attack by 1
1 wis = +1 to resistance
1 wis = +5 mp
1 wis = +2 hp healed (this only works with healing classes when using a healing skill)
(there is no way to tell the evasion formula due to the fact there are so many factors involved in it. Such as other players evasion rate and mob evasion rate.)

Part 5: DEX – Dexterity

Dex works like wis does but for melee classes. Dex increases your physical attack evasion rate, physical accuracy, increases your base melee damage slightly, and increases sp.
1 dex = +5 sp
5 dex = +1 attack
Dex is recommended to all non-casting classes.
It’s not recommended to any casting class as the dex build has proven ineffective on a caster.
(there is no way to tell the evasion formula due to the fact there are so many factors involved in it. Such as other players evasion rate and mob evasion rate.)

Part 6: LUC – Luck

Luc is personally my favorite stat on any class I pvp with.
Luc increases your critical hit change, max critical attack, critical hit evasion, and base shooting damage slightly.
Luc is also a very hard stat to properly apply with any class. For you need str/int to back it up or else your crits will be very unsteady. As it says this only increases your crit damage, not your base damage like str or int does. So you need to increase your base attack to keep your crits steady. The archer/hunter formula I’ve figured out after hours and hours of testing is 100 str per 200 luc to keep your crits steady.
(What do I mean by steady? If you go all luc your crits will be all over the place in damage, sometimes you will hit a 200 crit, others you will hit 2450 or something. You don’t want that.)
5 luc = +1% to crit chance (max crit chance is 95% which is 475 luc)
3 luc = +1 shooting attack
1 luc = +1.5 max damage when critting
600 luc = 300% damage bonus when critting on all classes. (1200 luc = 600% and so on)
Luc is recommended to all pvping classes.
(There is a lot of controversy over this stat on servers with KO nos. I will explain in detail about the true difference between KO and luc.)
KO only increases your critical chance to 95% for a short time. It does NOT increase your critical attack damage like luc does. What hasn’t been said is luc has higher attack damage on high rec characters over someone with just int or str attacking them. Therefor luc is also great for boss runs as it will make you hit harder on them than someone without.

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Stats Guide  Empty Re: Stats Guide

Post by Syn on Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:35 am

nice job Jake. Didnt expected this from you, except it was copy/paste xD. Anyways, Its pretty helpfull.

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