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Post by Misa on Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:00 am

okay hello theres alot of things to say about things you should know but i will try to tell everything shortly.
so there are 3 main maps. Map 1, Map 2 and Map 3. Those 3 maps are for both faction. Map 1 and Map 2 are   not pvp maps and map 3 is a pvp map. Those 3 main maps look like this.
Map 1:

map 2:

map 3:

as you see its not hard to find where to lvl yourself. when you lvl yourself to 55 move to map 3 find there
Hell Dragon/Demon/Salamanders/DemonStone Troll and tadaaa you are 70 its abit hard to lvl solo takes 2 hour max its faster when you're doing duo.
next step is gear. look at the maps i uploaded here map 1 and 2 . Do you see swords? go there and you  will see bear. kill that bear and it drops gear kill those bears all around the map and i am pretty sure u are maxed with newbie gear.

next step is money. better to farm and sell rec runes than to farm money on map 2. everything what you need to do is go to map 2 farm on red spots you see on picture( not the danger zones there are 70er bosses who drop weaps/gear/accs) its not hard mobs are easy to kill.

well thats all :)if you have any questions pm me here or in skype. SKYPE : marilovespuppies

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